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Password Safe

PasswordSafe is a free PHP script that will allow you to manage all of your account passwords and other sensitive data. You will only need to remember one master password, and that in turn will give you access to all of the data that you store. Your data will be securely encrypted using industry standard AES 256 encryption, which ensures that only you will be able to access your data. This is the same type of encryption that the US goverment has selected for use when encrypting classified data!

Being a PHP script, PasswordSafe will need to be installed on a webserver. You can use it on your local network or place it on a server connected to the global internet. In the latter case, this means you can access your encrypted data from any modern browser, anywhere in the world! It is also great for intranet users so you can access your data from any computer on your network. No more need to copy files to USB drives or shared network folders!

As always, PasswordSafe is completely free of charge and includes the entire source code for the software. This allows you to modify the software as you like and be assured that there is no malicious code included.


  • Utilizes AES 256 encryption to encrypt all of the data that you enter.

  • Store usernames, passwords, site URLs, and any other data you like. A special notes field allows you to store additional encrypted notes with each entry.

  • Runs through a web server, so it can be installed on a website and accessed from any modern browser anywhere in the world.

  • Built in password generator will create secure passwords for you with a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • No database required! PasswordSafe stores your data in a regular file, so you don't need to have MySQL or other database software installed on your server.


PasswordSafe is a PHP script and has the following server requirements. If you are unsure about your server's capabilities, contact your hosting company or server administrator to find out if your server meets these requirements.
    PHP version 4.1.0+
    PHP compiled with mcrypt extension
In addition to the server requirements you will also need a modern web browser to access the web based interface of PasswordSafe. We recommend Firefox for complete compatibility, however it will also work with Internet Explorer version 6.0 or newer.


There are two different archives available for PasswordSafe, a zip archive and a tar.gz archive. For Windows users you will most likely want the grab the zip archive. For Unix users you will want to grab the .tar.gz archive. Both archives contain the same files.

Instructions for installing PasswordSafe are included in the readme.txt file in the archive.


Below you will find a few screenshots showing the PasswordSafe interface. These screenshots were taken using the Firefox web browser, so the appearance may be slightly different if you are using a different browser.

Login Screen

Main Interface

Add Entry

Edit Entry

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